Your Survival Kits Review

http://api.ning.com/files/kG-dfsMOdyjHzQoZeSmKfRGBZOkbntHe3f2a2QgzHQYiVCH5XJlT5-7maR4kluDtxERLwQzvSX18MuJ-SR4WbTBWtcKVKoZA/disastersurvivalemergencyhandbook.jpgRemember the Hurricane Katrina that plagued the country several years ago? Because disasters such as these are never predictable, the need for emergency packs is of utmost importance. Your Survival Kits recognizes the need for every citizen to be equipped, strategized and informed.

There are two major priorities that continue to govern Your Survival Kits: the first one is to help educate everyone to ensure that they take responsibility for any type of unforeseen incident. The second would be to give everyone the most affordable products and emergency kits that will be necessary for survival once a disaster strikes.You can choose from various emergency kits and food supplies through online shop.


Life Saving Disaster Package

http://www.survival-goods.com/v/vspfiles/assets/images/first%20aid%20books%20can%20aid%20survival%20in%20a%20disaster.jpgHaving 72 hour emergency packs ready for a survival situation or a natural disaster is a great way to prepare your family for these scary events. The kit will contain the necessary items to get your through the initial days after the disaster. This article will discuss some of the important items that should be in the kit.

The first thing you should consider is water. If the power goes out and you rely on a pump for your water you will not have any. Water may also be contaminated and unsafe to drink after the disaster. Your kit should include enough water for your family or it should include a means of water purification. This can be a handheld water filter or iodine tablets that will make the water safe to drink.

The next thing to consider is food. The food you have in your kit should be easy to prepare and not need a lot of utensils to prepare. There is food available that is freeze dried and only needs water to cook. There is a reaction that takes place that warms the food. This is technology that is often used for military meals and is a great item to have in your kit.

72 hour emergency packs should also include some way for you to get news and updated information about the situation. You should be prepared for cell phones to be inoperable so a battery powered radio can be very useful. This can let you know important details like if water is safe to drink, when power will be restored, or if conditions outside are safe.

An important item for the kit you would keep in your car is a blizzard survival bag. This is crucial for cold weather climates. There are many things that could go wrong when you are driving in snowy conditions. Your vehicle could have a mechanical problem, you could go off the road, or you could get stuck in the snow. With poor weather conditions, rescue may take several hours or even days. A blizzard survival bag will keep your body temperature up while you wait for assistance.


How to Prepare for Disasters in Freezing Temperatures

http://frontier-adventures.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/0643.jpgOther dangers such as iced-over and snow-covered, slippery roadways exist, which increases the rate of accidents. Fire disasters in homes and businesses also increase during freezing temperatures because of greater use of fireplaces, and portable heaters. Old furnaces and furnaces with dirty filters can cause disaster fires, and also fill structures with poisonous carbon monoxide fumes which can cause death. Frozen lakes and rivers can cause drowning disasters when the ice breaks, and the sudden submerging of someone into freezing water, quickly leads to hypothermia and drowning before anyone can reach them to help. Prepare yourself for disasters in freezing temperatures with some preplanning. Make sure your home is insulated well to protect against the extremes of freezing temperatures.

Make sure walls and attic have adequate insulation for protection. Check doors and windows in your home and replace caulking and weather stripping where needed. Place storm windows on the outside of your home or use plastic sheeting to insulate windows from the inside. Have your chimney cleaned and inspected before use in winter and freezing temperatures. Place protective insulation around water pipes situated against outer walls. Make sure your snow blower is working. Keep de-icing salt on hand to melt ice from steps, walkways, and drives to prevent slip and fall disasters and severe injuries.Place an outdoor thermometer near a window so you can see it from indoors to know when temperatures dip dangerously low.

During a freezing temperature disaster, stay inside your home. Do not open exterior doors and windows to conserve the heat you have in your home. Wear thermal clothing, layered with cotton clothing to keep warm. Have plenty of packaged foods that need no cooking for eating and have a supply of drinking water, and prescription medications as well.Prepare your car for disasters in freezing weather so that you can survive even if stranded on the roadside for a period of time because of an accident or because the roads are not passable. Fill the reservoirs for your antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, and oil. Completely fill your gas tank and keep it filled.


Natural Disasters – Have You Prepared An Emergency Kit? Save Your Life With First Aid Kit

http://frontier-adventures.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/0332.jpgWhenever you hear about a natural disaster you might feel scared because of the effects it has on the homes as well as the lives of the people. It is very much essential to prepare yourself against the disasters because you never know what is going to hit your town or your country.

There are certain things which are quite common in nature. There are certain steps with the help of which you can prepare yourself against these dangerous elements of nature.

Disaster preparedness is very much important as well as necessary in these conditions. There is the emergency kit as well as disaster kit which can help you fight this kind of situations. If you have the disaster preparedness then you will have a greater chance to survive after the calamity.

These things have almost increased the chances of survival up to 80 to 90 percent. The actual problem during this kind of situation is that people tend to become nervous and hence they do not know what to do and what not to do.

But if you are prepared for this kind of situation then you can surely have a better chance of surviving the disaster. The first thing you need to do is prepare for the shortage of food, water as well as heat in case of cold countries.

Other than this, there are some more essential things that you need to have in your house. You always need to keep a first aid kit which will help you to manage the small cuts and brushes. This is also known as the emergency kit.

It is also very important to keep emergency flashlights inside your house. You also need to make sure that all these things are present within your reach. There is no scope for search for all these things when the disaster strikes.

This is the reason why these are known as the disaster kit. They will help you just at the moment of disaster. Disaster preparedness also means that you will have extra blankets as well as matches in your house. These things will surely complete your preparedness for the disaster.